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28 Mar , 2018

The community based,  relies on a community of trend hunters to recommend ideas and concepts for the editors to release. The website then gives the trend a dynamic score based on the popularity, freshness and activity of each post. 

Our patented cap design has scored top marks for freshness and popularity and we are currently scoring 9.1 on the trend scale. Our colour matching nail polish packaging was marked as a "must see" trend by the editors and also categorised in the "Unique Trends" section of the website.   

We are very grateful to the trendhunter community and super excited to have now finally launched LBK. Like trendhunter we want to be a community brand where we can work alongside consumers and professionals to push the boundaries of design and technology in the industry we all love so much. 

Please get involved by commenting & sharing our blogs and social media posts, we love to hear from you and we are always open to new ideas and collaborations.

If you are a salon owner or independent nail tech and would be interested in stocking LBK for your business please get in touch via our trade application form.  

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